Musings of a fledgling Handbag and Fashion Accessories designer and her Love/Hate relationship with the process of design and creation.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Welcome to SACX One of a Kind!

Hello everyone. Those of you who know me from my Fashion Blog, FA'SHOE'NISTA, know that I am a lover of all things fashion related. I've been creating since the age of 8 and have endeavored to make a living at creating on numerous occasions. After much research and soul searching, I've decided to follow my dream of handbag and fashion accessories design. This blog is my way of sharing my vision and rantings on the process of becoming a designer.

SACX One of a Kind is my forum for musings, rantings, and idea conjurings. There’s a link to my Etsy Store as well as sites for handcrafted accessories by artists and artisans alike.

So come visit me often and see current projects, stories on other designers, and whatever inspires me at any given moment.

I look forward to your comments and suggestions or stop by if you just want to say hi.

Black and White Clutch W/white flower, black lace trim
and faux pearls

Black clutch with white silk flowers and trimed in
faux white pearls. Faux white pearl handle.


  1. hello darling, just wanted to congratulate you on your one of a kind bag line! SO proud of you!
    Here is to a successful line!

  2. Congrats on this fabulously delicious line of bags!! Cheryl you are the bomb girly. No , I mean really!! How awesome and fantastic is this. You are launching a line of bags. If Kate did it I know you can do it. OH Girl. I'm feeling all this deliciousness I really am and more than anything I am so gosh darn proud of you my sister. This is more than wonderful. I know that great things are going to come from this. I can feel it. Keep your head up and stay focus babe. Love you with all my heart.